Welcome to Catalyst Ohio, a non-profit development organization to grow small businesses in Columbus. We started in the 90’s as a one-man shop with a vision, idea, and entrepreneurial passion. Since then, we’ve grown, had our companies grow, and seen lots of success and failures across the board. We have the experience, the location, and the right people to help your entrepreneurial idea flourish.

Looking for office space, mentors, pitch advice, and the resources you need? Catalyst Ohio’s downtown location can help you with all your needs. Through a special contract with the city, we have arranged short-term office leases in the downtown 15,000 sq. ft. location. Additionally, we’ve got a converted warehouse space available on the east side. From dedicated office spaces, to board rooms, to pitch rooms, our offices are geared to meet the typical startup needs. Find out more about the companies we’ve helped in the past. We’ve helped everything from Austin moving companies to tech startups.

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